RMU Writing Center (appointments with Jennifer Beno-Young)

Click on any time to make a booking. Bookings are in 30 minute windows. Students can only book one 30 minute session per week, per tutor. If you book two appointments in a row the second will be canceled. If the appointment following yours is not booked you can be seen for up to an hour total. Students can be seen for an hour total with one tutor per week and two hours total between all three tutors per week.
The other Writing Center hours for the Spring 2020 semester are listed on the RMU Writing Center website:

Students must bring your document in print or on a computer; students are not permitted to use the Writing Center computers to view or download their assignments.

Please do not schedule any appointments during the week of Spring Break (March 2 - March 6) as the Writing Center is closed.

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